Reba McEntire - "Turn On The Radio"

Reba McEntire has been the top female vocalist in country music for over 30 years on the strenght of sassy tunes like "Take It Back" and "Why Haven't I Heard From You."  Does this single have enough to become another addition to Reba's collection of classic tunes?

From the first notes of Reba McEntire’s new single “Turn On The Radio,” the superstar’s sass and trademark sound is intact.  The verses may feel like a modern Underwood-like tune but the chorus of the song is vintage Reba.   The lyrics referencing calling, texting and twitter and the hook is as big as one needed to catch a swordfish out of the ocean but what’s not to like about a classic sounding Reba song?

Frivolous fluff? Maybe to some but to me this is the kind of song perfect for the summertime when light-hearted songs with lyrics “When you’re feeling kinda low, let me tell you where to go, turn on the radio" thrive. The harmony singers singing in the background help the song rather than distracting from it and despite featuring some countrified crunchy lead guitars the steel guitar and fiddles are still audible in the mix behind Reba’s fresh, front and center vocal. 

Reba sounds refreshed and sounds like she’s regained the swagger she lost somewhere over the course of her final MCA albums.  Last year’s Keep On Loving You returned Reba to the top of the charts and gave radio reason to play her songs and this is something they’re gonna have to do with this immediate hit.  “Turn On The Radio” is an earworm from the minute go and while the powerful drums may rub some people or longtime Reba fans the wrong way, they only serve to give the lyric the attitude that they deserve. 

In the hands of a less-seasoned vocalist this song could’ve been something horribly lacking but in Reba’s hand’s it’s a remarkable success.  I can’t wait to see what she does theatrically with both the video and the inevitable award show performances.  It's a fine edition to Reba's collection of sassy kiss-off songs like "Why Haven't I Heard From You."