Guy Penrod - Breathe Deep

For many years Guy Penrod was known for his contributions as the lead vocalist in the Gaither Family Band southern gospel band.  Wanting to strectch his wings a little bit, Guy left the band for this album.  Was it a good decision?

One song in particular; "Knowing What I Know About Heaven" stood out to me as a song that could very well become a classic for memorial services.  Anyone who has lost a loved one can appreciate the simple and yet powerful meaning of one of my favorite lines in this song - As happy as they were to see you comin, I was just as sad to have to watch you go."   If you have lived the lyrics in this song then you can understand the heartache of saying goodbye to someone you love and at the same time appreciate the message of hope from the phrase following shortly behind it that says "Knowin' that you're somewhere better is all I need to let you go."  What an incredible song.    

Poignant lyrics and masterfully crafted melodies that range from soulful ballads to rock-a-billy have certainly bridged the gap between gospel and country with Guy's debut album.

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