Toby Keith – “Trailerhood”

Toby Keith has been making his own records for quite a while now and his trend has been to release 3 singles from an album.  So with his last album American Ride’s three singles in the can, he has just released this single.  Is it a good addition to his catalog of hits?

Since he’s been recording albums for his own record label, Toby Keith has seemingly made it a goal to write and record albums at a yearly pace.  This allows for only three singles or so from an album and after the Top 15 single “Every Dog Has It’s Day” came out in earlier this year, most fans of Toby knew that he’d be releasing a single from an upcoming album and that’s exactly what we have here with his new single “Trailerhood.” 

The first thing that grabs the listener is that melody.  It’s a delicious mixture of classic country sounds and textures that really help keep the whole song light and just fun.  The lyrics, which describe life in a trailer park, don’t feel like they’re meant to be anything but a device for the whole melody’s fun vibe.  This little tune is exactly the kind of song that is perfect for summer/fall playlists and there will no doubt be people who are just like the man whose story is chronicled in the lyrics. 

People who live in big houses and cities or even suburbia will not likely relate to those lyrics but that’s exactly what makes the song so compelling, the lyrics aren’t the driver to the song, the melody is and that’s the ear-grabber here, along with one of Toby’s best vocals in quite a while. 

So, when you add everything up, what we have here is a fun song that’s perfect for the summer time airwaves and playlists, which is probably what the song was ‘designed’ (if songwriters do such things) to be.

You can support Toby Keith by purchasing this single at Amazon for only 99 cents.