Billy Ray Cyrus’ Brother Clyde Releases Debut Single

Billy Ray Cyrus is now a frontman for a new country rock meets alternative rock band.  Did you know he was heading in this direction?  We sure didn’t.  What do you think?  Do you even care to listen to his new project? 

It’s amazing to me that prior to now; I had no idea about the country/rock group called Brother Clyde.  Country star Billy Ray Cyrus was originally going to be joined by country hit maker Phil Vassar, superstar songwriter Jeffrey Steele and rock veteran John Waite for a supergroup that mixes country rock with some 90’s ‘grunge’ themes for an upcoming album with Buena Vista Records (Formerly Lyric Street).  The quartet actually recruited Cyrus to be in the band given his star power at the moment (thanks to Disney and his daughter).  Although Cyrus was recruited for the band, he now leads the first single “Lately,” a tune which features a hip-hop verse from a rapper named King Phaze.

Cyrus describes the band as a mixture of Southern rock and 90’s era rock-n-roll.  Given his country roots there’s no doubts that some of the tracks on the upcoming Brother Clyde album will have a foundation in country.  Instead of Steele, Vassar and Waite joining Cyrus for the band, new members are drummer Samantha Maloney, Jamie Miller and Dan Knight on guitars while Dave Henning is the bassist.  Cyrus plays guitar in the band as well, giving them three guitarists along with the rhythm section.

What do you think? Do you care to hear Cyrus’ new project? Do you wish that Vassar, Steele and Waite were still in this band as the original ‘supergroup?’