Anne McCue - Broken Promise Land

With her previous albums, Australia native Anne McCue crafted records that recall the same type of genre bending rootsy rock of Lucinda Williams.  Does Broken Promise Land follow the same path as those earlier efforts?

McCue does not simply borrow instrumental cues from The Doors, she packs this album with enough swagger for even the wildest Jim Morrison moments. “All I want from living, is just to be left alone,” she snarls on “Rock and Roll Outlaw.” “Just give me a bike and a leather suit,” she demands on the trippy Motorcycle Dream. “The Old Man's Talking” is a sinister ballad about a woman who freezes to death on her way to her lover despite warnings from an old man on a porch. Her voice positively shimmers with foreboding on “Old Black Sky.” But all is not darkness and spooky misery. “God's Home Number” is a searing self-mockery of a woman sitting home mulling over the phone number she finally got from her crush. “Don't Go To Texas (Without Me)” finds her begging a lover not to leave her by offering such sage advice as “the cops are meaner down in Texas.” “Crusin' Paradise (Tenerife)” is a perfect laid back beach song (the title location is one of The Canary Islands.) This is an album about a woman who might get beat down and might get her heart broken, but she won't whimper and she won't take the later seriously.

Anne McCue has always been a woman who has listened to her own muse. With Broken Promise Land, she has created the perfect album for summer road trips. She packs enough grit into these ten tracks for an entire summer in the backed red dirt of the outback. So buy a classic convertible, pop in Broken Promise Land, put the pedal to the medal and head for Vegas. Or just play the songs on your media player and fantasize about it while you change the desktop on your work computer to the tropical island.

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