Joey+Rory Hosting 2nd Annual "Bib & Buckle" Festival

What was once a gathering for their home community has turned into that and more as Joey+Rory host the 2nd Annual "Bib & Buckle" festival in Pottsville, TN.  The event will feature Can You Duet season 1 guests like Kate & Kasey and Caitlin Lynn and Will Snyder

For the second time in their career, Joey+Rory are hosting the Bib & Buckle Festival in the town of Pottsville, TN.  About an hour south of Nashville, Pottsville, TN is Joey+Rory’s home community and it is where Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse, which Joey co-owns with Rory’s sister Marcy, is located as well.  Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse is actually a partner the event with sponsorship provided by Lyons-Chevrolet, Buick and GMC from Lewisburg, TN and workwear retailer Carhartt. 

Joining the charismatic duo on stage this year will be Can You Duet season one cast-members Caitlin & Will and Kate & Kasey as well as other CYD cast members and musical acts for this annual community event. 

“we had been doing for a few years before it got it’s official name.  It was originally created sas a homecoming concert and a day of family fun, food and music for all of our neighbors,” says Rory.  “When People actually started coming in from as far as Michigan, Flroida and even Washington State, we decided it needed to be a special yearly event.

“when you travel all over the country singing for people like we do,” adds Joey, “It’s so neat to be able to have them come to us and to share our own community with them.” 

Music will begin at 3:00pm and the food will start at 5pm.  Live music will continue into the evening with Joey + Rory’s headlining performance beginning at 7:00 PM.  

The name for the festival comes from “…I’ve always worn a belt buckle with my Jeans and Rory loves his Carhartt bib overalls,” says Joey.

“this year for fun we decided to make it a “Can You Duet” Season 1 reunion and invite some of the other artists that were on the show with us in 2008,” says Rory.  “They’re all so talented and honestly, never get to see each other any more.  This is a chance for us to all reconnect and even more, for our fans to connect with the other artists they loved on the show also.”

Tickets for the event are $25 for adults and $15 for kids aged 12 and under.  The price includes the meal, dessert, drinks, and entertainment.  To purchase tickets, visit or call Marcy Jo's at 931-380-0968.  Rain date is schedule for Sunday, June 6, 2010.



3:00 PM Bluegrass Band

4:00 PM Can You Duet Contestants

5:00 PM Dinner served while artist are performing

6:00 PM Andrew Combs & Heidi Feek

7:00 PM Joey+Rory



Boston Butt and Chicken, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, & Cornbread 

Dessert: Coca Cola Cake & Elvis Cake

Drinks: Sweet Tea and Coffee: free. Water, Sodas: for sale