Chris Janson - "'Til A Woman Comes Along"

One of Our Artists to Watch in 2010, Chris Janson, is about to release this single to country radio as his first shot at getting a hit song.  Does "'Til A Woman Comes Along" have all the ingredients necessary to make a hit song?  Will and should it be a hit single?

With country radio evolving to the point where there starting to allow both traditionalists and more ‘contemporary’ artists on the charts, what would happen if there’s an artist who melds both along with a heavy dose of punk rock influences?  With one listen to Chris Janson’s debut single “’Til a Woman Comes Along”  we’re about to find out what would happen  as Janson and company have melded a punk rock-ish rhythm section to an outlaw (‘traditional’) melody that simply sounds great coming out of the speakers. 

An instant attention-grabber, “’Til A Woman Comes Along” tells a tale of a wild oats sewing man who is happy to be wild and carefree, “Like that guy in the Ramblin’ Waylon song” until ‘a woman comes along and lays down the law.’  It’s a feeling many guys have not only felt but it’s a lifestyle many have lived. The story here is real and authentic and Chris Janson’s vocal (a deep baritone with some grit) adds the right amount of swagger to the tune.  The instrumental solos are strong and Chris Janson’s harmonica solo is a highlight as well. 

If “’Til A Woman Comes Along” isn’t a big breakthrough for Chris Janson, I will be extremely surprised as it is one of my contenders for 2010 single of the year with Miranda Lambert’s great “House That Built Me,” Jerrod Niemann’s “Lover, Lover” and Jaron & The Long Road To Love’s “Pray For You.”  It’s that good.  I’ve played it about 10 times in a row while writing this review and it hasn’t grown stale yet, the true mark of a great song.

You can support Chris Janson by purchasing this single at Amazon | iTunes (Releases April 6, 2010).