Josh Turner – “All Over Me”

With “Why Don’t We Just Dance” managing a multi-week #1 for Josh Turner and his album Haywire nearing 250,000 copies sold, 2010 certainly is shaping up to be a great year for him.  Will this single keep Josh a radio star worthy of following and give him another hit?

Josh Turner is well known for being one of the most conservative country music artists. Sure, he sings about God and family (he hasn’t tackled “country” yet), as well as all of those other “safe” topics that he somehow manages (usually) not to make sound cliché. Some of his songs just have that “well, that’s nice” factor; they’re pleasant sounding enough, but just too… safe. 

“All Over Me” starts with a jazzy piano and guitar line that made me think right away, “Is this really a Josh Turner song?” Then, when I looked up the lyrics, that question came to my mind again. While it’s certainly nothing we haven’t heard before, it is a bit unusual to hear Josh Turner singing about string bikinis and letting his girl’s sweet love pour all over him. Not that the song doesn’t play it at least somewhat safe; the closest he comes is the line “get a little carried away.” Have we heard this kind of song before? Yes. (“Mud on the Tires” is but one example.) But it certainly sounds fun when Josh sings about it. 

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a certain degree of “safe,” but after a while, it can get a little bit tiring. After an underwhelming third album, Turner took a risk (by his standards) with the loose “Why Don’t We Just Dance” and ended up with the biggest hit of his career. “All Over Me” still has a slight air of caution to it, but at the same time, it splits the difference between Turner’s naturally conservative nature and the seemingly more wide-open expanse that is modern country radio.

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