Michael Sarver - "Ferris Wheel"

Country music has perhas the widest definition of what classifies to fit in the genre.  With this single American Idol 8 contestant Michael Sarver hopes to make his way into the hearts of country music fans and radio.  Will the single have enough to make that happen?

From the moment he stepped on the American Idol season 8 stage, it wasn't hard to picture Michael Sarver making a mainstream country music record and with "Ferris Wheel" it seems as if the former Oil roughneck is doing just that. There may have been a digital single release of a song called "You Are/Cinderella Girl" but both of those songs didn't feel like much more than a way to get Michael's name out to the masses. With this Rachel Thibodeau, Kyle Jacobs and Charles Kelley co-written tune, Michael Sarver feels like he’s arrived.

The song starts off with tasty acoustic guitar loops and moves into Sarver’s southern soul voice with a lyric that describes love and life like it is viewed through a Ferris wheel. It’s a cute coming of age song that pleasantly moves across the ears. While the song might not make Michael Sarver a radio star, it does point to his potential as an artist who can deliver a song with the ease of a veteran. With more songs like “Ferris Wheel” Michael Sarver may become yet another idol who has made the successful transition to mainstream country music star.

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