Bucky Covington - "A Father's Love (The Only Way He Knew How)"

With his last pair of singles not finding the audience that the singles from his debut album did, Bucky Covington needed something that would get him back on the charts and in the hearts of fans.  Did he find the right song to get himself back up the charts?

Bucky Covington was able to garner three Top 10 hits (depending on the chart metric used) from his self-titled debut album but despite getting “I Want My Life Back” into the Top 30, he couldn’t get follow-up “Gotta Be Somebody” up the charts at all.  While I felt that song was an obvious hit because of the hook of the song, it wasn’t.  Perhaps fans weren’t ready quite yet for a country cover of a Nickelback song or they just weren’t digging the tune, I don’t know.  To say that Bucky needs a hit is sort of an understatement at this point because if he doesn’t hit with this single, he’s likely not going to be on lyric Street Records for much longer. 

What is this new single, you ask?

Well, it’s “A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How).” Written by Liz Hengber, Thom Shepherd and Steve Williams,  with the soft acoustic, traditional-based melody (complete with steel guitars in the background and banjos in the mix) to the tender lyrics, this song really feels like the kind of song that should be a hit in the hands of any singer.  What’s interesting here is that Bucky sounds emotionally invested here as he sings the song and is able to show how he really can be a good singer with the right material. 

Lyrically the song tells a story of a father and son’s relationship and even though the father doesn’t like to get to ‘emotional,’ he shows his love in various ways, by ‘checking air in my tires, the belts and all the spark plug wires’ and ‘got his tool belt out’ to fix up the son’s first home with his wife.  It’s a story that many people can certainly relate to as the men of past generations were taught to not show their emotions the way a woman would (it has changed-for the most part- in the last 20 years or so).

In the end, this is exactly the kind of song and performance that Bucky Covington needed to come out with to help re-establish himself as a mainstream country music artist.  It’s a song where he’s wholly invested in the lyric, as opposed to just ‘singing’ it and it really is the best song he’s released yet.

Listen to the song by clicking here.