Jake Owen – “Tell Me”

After scoring two Top 10 hits in a row with singles from Easy Does It, can Jake Owen manage to make it three for three from this album with this new single? Will this song erase the bad taste some folks had for his previous single “Eight Second Ride?”

Last year Jake Owen came out with his sophomore album Easy Does It and it featured the 2008/2009 hit “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You” and 2009’s slow-building Top 10 hit “Eight Second Ride.”  While the first song was universally praised by fans and critics alike, the latter song wasn’t as loved and though it was a hit, there were at least as many fans who disliked the song as those who loved it.  What does all of this mean for “Tell Me,” the third single from the album? 

Well, is should at least get some of those fans Jake ‘lost’ with the silly lyrics of “Eight Second Ride” back as “Tell Me” finds a man looking introspectively at himself and the choices he makes when it comes to love.  Somehow he keeps finding the kind of woman who ‘loves ‘em and leaves ‘em’ or the ones who don’t want real relationships yet somehow Jake’s protagonist seems to fall for the girl as soon as he meets her.  “I won’t point the finger, but I’ll take the blame as I saw her coming from a mile away” he says in the song and it’s an interesting song to hear coming from a male prospective as these types of people tend to, more often than they should, be told from the POV of women wondering about the ways of men.

The melody features moody steel guitar and electric guitar leads and a Waylon-like kick-drum based rhythm section and coupled with the introspective lyric, the song seems miles away from the goofy come-on that was “Eight Second Ride.” 

Will this track be a hit, that’s harder to say but if Jake Owen continues to release more songs like “Tell Me” and less like “Eight Second Ride,” he will certainly win more fans, both the critical and loyal kinds.

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