Gary Allan - Get Off On The Pain

Even as country music moves and changes and themes of love and loss come and go from the airwaves, there remain a few stellar artists like Gary Allan who keep their music as real as possible.  How does this album play out?

This trend continues with Get Off On The Pain, a record which reconciles parts of virtually every part of Gary Allan’s career.  First single “Today” didn’t score a Top 10 status but the heart wrenching ballad continued to keep Gary on the radio and is now being followed-up by the title track, a song that is as real as anything off the Tough All Over  and as rockin’ as the Living Hard album.  “Kiss Me When I’m Down” is an insanely romantic record while “That Ain’t Gonna Fly” rocks with the best of any country or rock tracks coming out of Nashville these days.  The production of the record is killer and serves to enhance everything that makes Gary Allan one of country music’s true gems.  The final four tracks on the record, all co-written by Allan, are where he bears his heart, body, soul and mind.

IF there’s an artist recording mainstream country records who is as real as Gary Allan, I have yet to see them and if you like authentic, yet modern, country music then Get Off On The Pain is just about as good an album as you’re likely to find this year or any year [Note: Gary Allan also has a deluxe version that includes a new track "Long Summer Days" and live cuts of "Right Where I Need To Be," "Watching Airplanes" and "Best I Ever Had"].

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