Monday News Briefs: Dierks Bentley, Alan Jackson, Blake Shelton, Justin Moore

In today's news roundup we find some information regarding Dierks' new tour, information about Blake Shelton, sneak peaks of Alan Jackson's upcoming Freight Train and about a new label opening up in Nashville. 

Dierks Announces "Up On The Ridge Tour"

Dierks Bentley has announced that he will tour this spring/summer with backing band The Travelin' McCourys and Hayes Carll opening it up.  Dubbed the Up On The Ridge Tour, the tour will be in support of Dierks' upcoming bluegrass album due to be released this summer.  The album is the first of two albums scheduled to be released in 2010. 

The tour stars on April 21, in Portland, OR and will go to venues like small rock clubs to larger Bluegrass-oriented festivals like Merlefest.

He says: "“The only way I know to explain what this new album is to all the fans is to just get out on the road and play it for them. I’ve been rehearsing and working on set lists already … every show is going to be different and really special. There aren’t any better acoustic musicians in the world than the Travelin McCourys, period. And I’ve been a big fan of Hayes (Carll) for a long time. It’ll be a total blast … I’m already plotting and planning on how to fit more dates into the schedule!”

Alan Jackson Performs for Soundcheck

The icon is previewing his upcoming album, Freight Train for fans by performing a couple tracks on Walmart's Soundcheck. He discusses why he's working with LeAnn Rimes:

Click here to watch.

Blake Shelton Just Himself

Blake Shelton told the Associated Press (click here) that he's not afraid to be himself.  He also said, "I think people are so used to country artists, celebrities, just kind of playing the middle and really not being themselves out of fear, that it was refreshing to them to get on Twitter and see well Blake Shelton wrote, 'Oh my god, I got so drunk last night I think my liver exploded ...,'" he said. "They're going, 'This guy is crazy. I can't wait to see what he's going to write next.' Over time they realized, 'Man, all the guy is doing is joking around."

Blake Discusses The SixPak Album Concept:

Justin Moore Guitar Stolen then Found

IT was an eventful weekend for Justin Moore ("Backwoods," "Small Town USA") and his sunburst guitar.  During a tour stop in Detroit, Justin was happy to have it back.

Here's the story:

Disc jockey Dr. Don of WYCD Detroit said, "The guy who took it heard about this post on and arranged to return it to me. Man, it felt like a scene out of a movie as I met one of the guy's friends in a pre-arranged location Sunday to get the guitar back. Texted photos of it to Justin who called to thank the guy. And I want to thank the guy who took it for owning up and doing the right thing."

Here's an excerpt from the apology letter stuck in the case:

"Look, man, I (messed) up major, man. It was a drunken mistake. I love your music so much!! God will get me for what I have done. Well, hope to see you in MI soon. But I would like to deeply and sincerely apologize for what I've done. Like your wonderful song, "how I Got To Be This Way," we all make mistakes. ... I'm going out and buying 50 of your CDs today. I hope and pray you have a wonderful long career. ... I'm sure you got some yelling and punching of me to do."

"I love a story with a happy ending. But I told Justin, 'Next concert, leave the good guitar at home and play a rental.'"

Already the successful home of artists like Keith Urban, Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum, Capitol Nashville announced Friday the creation of a new sister label called EMI Music Nashville.  The first artist signed to the label is singer/songwrtier Troy Olsen.