The Harters – “Jenny”

The Harters first appeared with this song last year.  While they worked to hone their sound and their music, they released to iTunes and Amazon this single and “Gettin’ Out of Dodge.”  Now they’re releasing this one to radio, will it find success on the charts?

Way back in 2002, Broken Bow Records signed an act named J. Michael Harter. He released an album with just one single, the (seriously underrated) #45 “Hard Call to Make.” Now known as just Michael, he has joined forces with sister Leslie and brother Scott to form The Harters.

The song tells a story that has been heard more than once before: girl meets boy, boy’s dad doesn’t want boy to marry girl, boy runs off with girl anyway. What saves this from becoming a four-minute cliché is the use of clever turns of phrase such as “daddies just don’t sleep through slowly creaking doors.” A catchy, acoustic ear-worm of a melody straight out of the Little Big Town playbook doesn’t hurt, either.

Leslie keeps lead vocals throughout most of the song, but Scott and Michael get a few judiciously-placed lines to help make the song feel like a true group effort. At times, though, the balance is just a little bit off; some parts sound more like the brothers did their vocals together and Leslie’s were tracked separately, making the bridge in particular a bit awkward.

The Harters are in the same position that Zac Brown Band was a few years ago: a band with a friendly, relaxed, acoustic sound, signed to an independent label and backed by big-time producer Keith Stegall. And look at where ZBB is now. At the very least, The Harters seem like the kind of act that will suddenly get scooped up by a major label and pushed into the upper tier of the charts. There’s just no way that radio is going to miss out on this song.