Carrie Underwood - "Undo It"

Carrie Underwood continues to find herself singing about a man who done her wrong on her latest single "Undo It" It works fine as a pop song but does this song really even belong on a country music chart just because of who is singing it?

With her current place as one of country music’s go-to artists, it sure would be great if Carrie Underwood would record and release more tunes like the “Temporary Home” single or “I Told You So” instead of releasing pseudo country tunes like “Undo It.”  Written by Carrie with Kara DioGuardi, Luke Laird and Marti Frederiksen, the song is composed of catchy repeatable lyrics and the Lady Gaga-like “I wanna un-ah-ah-undo it” refrain of the chorus.  The production is crisp and there is an undeniable likability to the single and while that all makes it work for a great pop single, this song is also being released to country radio as her follow-up to “Temporary Home.” 

Why couldn’t the jovial “Quitter” have been released to country radio instead?  While still technically a pop song, “Quitter” has a more organic feeling to it and could’ve still crossed-over to pop radio.  The same thing could be said about the acoustic but peppy "This Time" or the barn-burning downright country romp “Songs Like This.” Those would’ve made me (and even plenty of Carrie fans) happy.

When everything is said and done, “Undo It” is likely to find its way up to the top of the country charts regardless of what I think but that doesn’t stop me from wishing for something more from one of Country music’s best vocalists and most recognizable talents.  I think she can do so much better.

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