Uncle Kracker - "Smile"

About six years ago Uncle Kracker was a part of a hit single with Kenny Chesney.  He released an album of mellow 70s-inspired rock but it failed to garner any interest yet he's back now with this single and has a Top 40 country hit. But should it be a country chart hit?

Like his friend Kid Rock, Detroit’s Uncle Kracker grew up on a variety of music styles and his albums have always managed to incorporate many elements of these influences, including soul, rock, r&b and country.  With his latest album Happy Hour and lead single “Smile,” he seems to be following previous hits “Follow Me” and “Drift Away” into a multi-format radio star.  Country radio seems to be on board with this sweet love song but should they be?

While Uncle Kracker has performed a #1 country duet with Kenny Chesney (“When The Sun Goes Down”), he hasn’t top-lined a hit of his own yet and listening to the album version of “Smile,” there really isn’t anything that’s country instrumentally in the tune.  This doesn’t mean that “Smile” isn’t a hit record as it clearly is for it is sweet as a glass of sweet tea and as laid back as a dog on a country porch.  In other words, it’s exactly the kind of single that can and does crossover to country music. 

The country re-mix tosses in some audible steel guitar fills but other than that it doesn’t change much about the single but if Jaron & The Long Road To Love can score with the cool “I Pray For You,” which is equally ‘pop-hooky’ then so can Uncle Kracker.

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