Randy Montana - "Ain't Much Left of Lovin' You"

Some songs have instant and universal likability while other songs are instantly and universally despised by people.  Somewhere in between these two things are the majority of other songs.  Where does this song, the debut single from Randy Montana fall?

Some songs have that “joie de vivé” that instantly draw you in and they feel not only like hit songs but true events worthy of attention.  Other times a song may have the ‘grow –on –you’ atmosphere about them that requires a person to listen to the song more than one time to ‘get them,’ or understand why the song was picked as a single.  Unfortunately for Randy Montana, his debut single “Ain’t Much Left Of Lovin’ You” is one of the latter types of songs. 

But here’s the good thing about the song, it grows on you to the point where it really feels like a genuine and proper introduction into the kind of artist we should expect Randy Montana, the son of hit songwriter Billy Montana (“Bring On The Rain” “More Than A Memory” “Suds In The Bucket”), to be as an artist.  Blessed with a strong Dierks-like vocal style, “Ain’t Much Left of Lovin’ You” also feels a little bit like the kind of song that Dierks Bentley made his name with.  This isn’t to say that the song is at all a Dierks Bentley song but rather a song that recalls one of country music’s most underrated talents.   

There’s the kick drum and bass driving the alt-rock melody providing the backbone for Montana’s lonesome realization that a relationship has come to its bitter end and in the song Randy is sitting, almost befuddled as to how his ‘perfect’ relationship ended and he lists, cleverly I might add, the various ways that ‘there ain’t much left of lovin’ you.’ 

While a ‘grow-on-you’ type of song, “Ain’t Much Left of Lovin’ You” feels like it was the right choice for Randy Montana to release as his debut single.  Will it be a home run like label mate Easton Corbin’s debut #1 single? Probably not but it’s a solid double that could become a triple with a little luck and requests at radio.

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