Eli Young Band - "Guinevere"

With a few successful singles under their belt, Eli Young Band have transitioned from Unviersal Republic/Universal South to Universal Republic's new Nashville label and have chosen to release this track as their latest single. Will it find an audience at radio?

With the Top 10 (or 15 depending on the chart) success of “Always The Love Songs,” the Eli Young Band has continued to build their career as they transition from top regional touring and radio act to national band.  Their album “Jet Black & Jealous” (read review here) has also continued to sell and is nearing the 100,000 units sold threshold as the quartet of bassist Jon Jones, drummer Chris Thompson, guitarist James Young and vocalist/acoustic guitar Mike Eli releases their third single from the album.  Written by Eli and Young with Scooter Carusoe (“Better As A Memory” by Kenny Chesney),  “Guinevere” is not the song I expected the group to release to radio at this point in time* but I’m pleasantly surprised. 

I am pleasantly surprised because “Guinevere” is one of the best tracks on “Jet Black & Jealous” and the song paints vivid images of a deeply flawed girl who is always looking for the quick fix to her problems, usually in the form one night stands.  The girl’s problems really stem from the fact that she ‘let her guard down’ and allowed a man to ‘break her heart’ so rather than let love in (to steal a line from the Goo Goo Dolls), this girl continuously searches for unfulfilling romances, just like “Guinevere” instead, all the while holding grudges. 
It’s an interesting choice to counter the sunny, dittie-filled summer songs and, likely, the song will stop ascending the charts in the fall/winter where songs like this thrive anyway.  So, in that end, the Eli Young Band has made the perfect choice for their new single, something that really stands out.

* I expected “Radio Waves” to be the third single.

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