Jaron & The Long Road To Love - "Pray For You"

Coming out of seemingly nowhere is Jaron and the Long Road to Love with a debut single which features catchy lyrics that don't go the way one would expect them to go. The melody is catchy too and the song sure feels like a hit but will it get the chance?

When the decade began Jaron Lowenstein was in a duo with his twin brother Evan.  They scored a few hits with the most notable one being “Crazy For This Girl.”   After toiling in around Nashville for a while, even producing a self-released album with Dann Huff, the duo took a break.  This break has allowed Jaron to end the decade with his own group called Jaron & the Long Road to Love.  The group’s first offering up to fans and radio is the song “Pray For You.”  It starts off like it’s going to be a traditional I don’t love you anymore but I pray for your happiness kind of song and then when the chorus kicks in it goes a different way.  We won’t spoil the lyrics here other than to say that they’re very clever.

I wanted to write something profound here about why this song with a very pop-leaning melody even deserves a chance on country radio then I actually turned on my country radio station and I have to tell you, given what’s coming through the speakers, this song actually fits in quite nicely.  Then, you add the lyrics and it’s a no-brainer.  This self-released single deserves every chance that any other single has gotten because the lyrics are so clever, the melody is actually infectious and the vocal delivery from Jaron is well-done.  This song actually reminds me of Jeremy McComb’s “Cold” melodically and somewhat vocally, but the lyrics are 100% in the other direction. 

If all things are equal (taking what label released what) then this song would instantly be one of the bigger hits on the country music charts, It’s unique enough lyrically to do that.  Do yourself a favor and go purchase this single (See below).  After all, I am sure that anyone that has gone through a break-up or stopped talking to someone has thought what the lyrics in “Pray For You” say.

The song was written by Jaron Lowenstein and Joel Brentlinger.

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