Clay Walker - "She Won't Be Lonely Long"

With a hooky, relatable melody and lyrics that tell the tale of a women not quite sure of what she's doing, "She Won't Be Lonely Long" marks Clay Walker's return to country music airwaves, nearly 16 years after he got his start.

It’s hard to believe it but in an industry where all but a few artists come and go in a 5-10 year period, Clay Walker is still at it.  Never the biggest star, Clay Walker’s now been a successful radio artist for almost 17 years.  Now with his third label, Clay hasn’t been on the airwaves as much as stars like Tim McGraw have but the artist continues to find, every so often, a song that hits with radio and fans alike.  His latest single, the first from his sophomore Curb album, is “She Won’t Be Lonely Long.” 

Written by Doug Johnson, Phil O’Donnell and Galen Griffin, “She Won’t Be Lonlely Long” is a laid-back single that finds Walker not only in fine voice but singing a solid country song about how you can read the body language and social cues of a woman who has stepped out on a lonely relationship to test the waters.  It’s a simple story song and it does feel a bit anonymous at times but the lyric is delivered in Walker’s well-known croon and that, coupled with Doug Johnson’s steady but groove-filed production, makes the song likable enough to not want to turn the radio dial when it comes across the speakers. 

Clay Walker may be more ‘capable’ than singing a song that ‘anyone’ could sing but then again, it’s a game he has to play if he wishes to remain a viable radio star.

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