Montgomery Gentry – “Oughta Be More Songs About That”

Montgomery Gentry has gotten to where they are by delivering three (power) chords and the truth.  This’s exactly what they’re wishing for as they dish about the latest songs they hear and why they want more songs about different topics. Do you agree?

Since their arrival over a decade ago, Montgomery Gentry has –more often than not –lived in the country-rock part of the contemporary country music community yet they never were considered anything but country.  Melding their Skynyrd –meets –Haggard style with a traditional melody, the duo has sent out the first single off of their upcoming album.  “Oughta Be More Songs About That” finds the duo, with Eddie Montgomery taking lead vocals, singing about what kinds of songs they want to hear more of. 

They proclaim to have heard millions of songs about love gone wrong, and good hearted women, and to have sung songs about tractors, trucks, fast cars and small town livin’, and they want to hear more songs about hard workin’ folks, particularly those affected by Wal-Street  (“Shuttin Detroit Down,” anyone), letting Jesus ‘back in class’, songs about forgiveness, voulenteers, soldiers and other things he believes in.    The melody is ‘pulsating’ in the background as it melds Waylon’s rhythm section with some solid B-3, steel guitar swells and southern rock-like slide guitar.  Montgomery’s vocal delivery is –as always –solid and the song goes down quite easily.  

Even if I don’t agree with every word in the song, it is easy to not say ‘amen’ this song about wanting to hear more songs about things that matter to the real folks who listen to country music and not just the people who happen to be drivin’ tractors, or from a small town or sufferin’ a broken heart. Montgomery gentry has gotten to where they are by delviering three (power) chords and the truth and that’s exactly what they’re offering up here. 

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