Jimmy Wayne Begins Walking Trek from Nashville to Phoenix

On Jan 1, Jimmy Wayne began his trek to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless, especially at-risk children and teens. On his walking journey,Wayne hopes to raise some funds for organizations that benefit homeless youth.

Country music recording artist Jimmy Wayne launched his “Meet Me Halfway” campaign on January 1, 2010, when he began his solo walk halfway across America in Nashville, TN. Jimmy’s intention is not only to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless, especially at risk children, teens and young adults, but also raise funds for organizations that benefit homeless youth, including HomeBase Youth Services, a Phoenix, AZ -- based organization that provides essentials for homeless young adults.

Jimmy began his walk at 10:00 a.m. CT on January 1st at Monroe Harding in Nashville, another organization that services at risk children and young adults. He is on his way to Phoenix, AZ and has been ‘tweeting’ updates along the way.  Follow them here and offer Jimmy support and encouragement:  http://twitter.com/jimmywayne 

Jimmy grew up in a variety of foster and group homes, and occasionally found himself homeless as a teen. He was given a second chance when Bea and Russell Costner gave him a home and fresh start when he was only 16 years old. He has never forgotten the generosity of the couple, who were in their 70's when they took Wayne in. "Bea and Russell took a chance on me, and I was certainly no poster child for adoption," Wayne said. "I was this teenager with long hair and tattoos, but they saw past that to the scared kid I was. They met me halfway by offering me a place to live and the opportunity to go back to school. But in turn I had to meet them halfway by helping myself, which meant studying, doing chores and following the rules. They provided me with a way to help myself make a life. They gave me a home, love and respect."

"Because I was helped when I needed it, I want to try and help now," Wayne said. "If the bit of celebrity I have can help me raise awareness of this situation --that there are kids and young people out there who need our help, then I feel like I have accomplished my goal. I'm not asking people to come out and walk with me, but I am asking them to meet me halfway by getting involved-- donate money, adopt a kid, learn more about the foster child/foster parent program in your local community. There's so much one person can do, and so many ways they can make a difference. It just takes one person to help someone to a better life."

For additional information on "Meet Me Halfway" and Jimmy Wayne, please visit www.jimmywayne.com. To learn more about HomeBase or make a donation to this organization, please visit www.hbys.org. For more information on Monroe Harding or make a donation to this organization, please visit www.monroeharding.org.