Carter's Chord - "You Knock Me Out"

Carter's Chord haven't scored a big chart hit on the country music charts as of yet but they have released a previous album. This single, set to come from their sophomore release. Will it break the trio of sister's onto the country charts or will it be another 'coulda been' hit?

Okay, I'll just get this out of the way right now. Carter's Chord is a great name for a country music group. The three sisters that comprise it (Becky, Emily and Joannna Robertson) certainly have a musical legacy, being the daughters of former members of Waylon Jennings' road band. Even if the sisters Robertson show no obvious influences from Waylon Jennings or anyone who was popular before the 21st century, Carter's Chord seems to have found its niche.

Lyrically, "You Knock Me Out" is slightly reminiscent of Jackie DeShannon's (or Pam Tillis') "When You Walk in the Room" in its somewhat exaggerated descriptions of the effect her lover has on her. It's just a little cute without being saccharine or heavy-handed, with some obvious fighting imagery such as "I'm down for the count" and "it's eight, nine, ten." (Although I do find it interesting that so far, all of the Josh Kear co-writes seem to be going to female acts.) 

The Robertsons all have clear, slightly throaty voices that still could use just a little more heft, but they still harmonize well. Even better, the melody and production are tight and snappy, making the song a bit of a standout in a world of increasingly cluttered record production. At times, the song sounds a bit like "Slow Boat to China" by the Girls Next Door, a song whose sound I was hoping someone would try to re-create someday. 

Things are certainly looking up for female acts in general. Both Reba and Miranda are currently in the Top Ten, Bomshel finally has an album out, and of course, the Carrie-Taylor-Kellie trifecta shows no signs of stopping. Carter's Chord seems to have all the pieces in place except for the most important piece: radio airplay. "You Knock Me Out" probably isn't going to spend five weeks at #1, but it should easily be enough for Carter's Chord to establish itself.