Alan Jackson - "It's Just That Way"

While he remained a radio star throughout the release cycle of Good Time, some fans were wondering if they'd 'lost' one of the 'last true country singers.'  Well, consider this romantic, laidback ballad the answer to those questions. 

Often cited as one of the last true country singers, Alan Jackson (AJ) certainly raised a few eyebrows when he made the Like Red On A Rose album with Alison Krauss and the gospel record Precious Memories before eventually following them up Good Time.  Rose and Memories were both creative tour-de-forces but really didn’t help Alan’s radio exposure all that much so Good Time, while solely written by AJ, was made to get the star back on the radio.  With Four successful singles from the record, consider it a job well done.  What that album lacked, however, was much of the charm that has gotten AJ where he is, one of the last true country singers.

“It’s Just That Way” features Alan Jackson at his best, charmingly laid-back as he sings a straight-up steel guitar laced ballad that is more like his great “Remember When” than the playful love songs like “Livin’ On Love.”  It is as simple as a piece of Ma’s apple pie and goes down like a smooth shot of single malt scotch.  This is the Alan Jackson that l love.   I love it when he sings a song with soft, sensitive lyrics about how the world goes on and what he was born to do, love the woman in his life. 

The production is as supurb as usual with tickled ivories glistening in the background along with the glorious steel guitar guiding the melody.  Loving music like this is something I was born to do, it’s just that way.

Written by Keith Stegall, Vicky McGehee & Kylie Sackley

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