Jewel - "Stay Here Forever"

With this single Jewel returns to the country charts with with a sound that is slightly different than what she sent out last time around on her Perfectly Clear album.  Will this song, which is from the film Valentine's Day, be a big hit for the singer/songwriter?

Jewel came out in 2008 with her own brand of country music and while it didn’t deviate much from what she’s always done (literate lyrics over acoustic instruments), Jewel didn’t become as big a star on the country charts as many suspected she would.  With “Stay Here Forever,” Jewel is presenting her contribution to the soundtrack of the new film Valentine’s Day.  The single is also the first track from Jewel’s second album for The Valory Music Company and if people are familiar at all with producer Nathan Chapman, they’ll recognize the similarity of this song to something that might have been on a Taylor Swift record sonically. 

Lyrically the song follows a romantic path that is pretty obvious from the title alone.  The melody, as mentioned above, is purely out of the Taylor Swift songbook but that vocal is completely chock full-o-charm and at times I hear some Pam Tillis in this cute and playful romantic romp.  In other words, this song could very well be Jewel’s big mainstream country break while also being perfectly suited to be featured in a rom-com.