Burns & Poe - "Don't Get No Better Than That"

While new as a duo, Both Keith Burns and Michelle Poe have been down this road before as artists.  Burns was a member of Trick Pony and Poe had a solo deal with a major label while also touring with Dierks Bentley.  Does this single have any hit potential?

After Trick Pony went their separate ways Keith Burns took a little time to settle on his next step within the country music scene. While Keith could’ve gone solo like Heidi Newfield did, he decided instead to partner with another powerful female in Michelle Poe to form the new duo Burns & Poe.   After a previous label deal ended before the duo could get off the ground (due to that label closing), Burns & Poe found a new home with Blue Steel Records.  Their debut single for the label is “Don’t Get No Better Than that.” 

Written by Burns and producer Mark Oliverius, “Don’t Get No Better Than That” finds Keith Burns taking the lead vocals on the song with a ‘talkin’ song’ approach to the verses where he discusses how somebody who is getting away from their life for a little bit of time. It is catchy with a pulsating rhythm section and the chorus hits home with a ‘have a good time’ message in the sung chorus.  

While many people might have hoped for something a little more ‘substantial’ than the message presented here, as far as debut singles go, “Don’t Get No Better Than That” does introduce a new duo worthy of paying attention to.  While Poe, who used to have a solo deal with DreamWorks and toured as Dierks Bentley’s bassist, is relegated to a supporting role here, this duo has the potential to revive the same sort of stuff that made Trick Pony popular, by singing populist feel-good music, something “Don’t Get No Better Than That” clearly is.