George Strait - "Gotta Get To You"

For only the fourth time in the last 15 years, George Strait failed to get a single, "Twang," inside of country music's Top 10.  He looks to Return to the Top 10 with this single.  Can this song, which Jim Lauderdale co-wrote with Blaine Larsen & Jimmy Ritchey, get him there?

After the title track for "Twang" failed to get George Strait into the Top 10 on the charts, he is returning to country radio with “Gotta Get To You,” a song that is exponentially more of the George Strait we've all come to love to hear coming through the airwaves.  “Twang” became only George Strait’s fourth official single to not hit the Top 10 since 1996.  Three of the other four singles happened in 2006, 2003 and 2000. So what we can ‘gleam’ from this is that George Strait is good for a ‘dud’ single every three years or so and that means that he’s remarkably consistent and if history does repeat itself, then George will return to the Top 10 with “Gotta Get To You.” 

When listening to “Gotta Get To You,” it’s easy to see why George chose this Jim Laudredale, Jimmy Ritchey and Blaine Larsen-penned track.  It simply suits him like a glove.  The melody is playful, the lyric is romantic without hitting one over the head and George is as charming as ever with his vocal.  In other words, this is as sure-fire a hit as a George Strait single can get and it should have no problem returning him to his home in the Top 10 on the charts (while also helping sell more copies of the album Twang).