Brady Seals - "Been There, Drunk That"

Here's the second single from Brady Seals.  The former lead singer of Little Texas and Hot Apple Pie chose the single from his great country album for adults, Play Time.  Is the single (and thus the album) worth listening to?  Will radio play it?  

The second single from Brady's Play Time album is certainly not what I was expecting from a man who was once the lead of not one, but two fairly clean-cut bands (Little Texas and Hot Apple Pie). Sure, Hot Apple Pie got a little raucous on "Hillbilles," but I was really not aware that Brady Seals had this in him. 

"Been There, Drunk That" is exactly the kind of song you'd expect from its title: a fun song about a man with a real love for the sauce. Beer, wine, whiskey, even cognac all make this little Who's Who of booze. And of course, there's the slightly offbeat wording of lines such as "depleted every six-pack." It seems there hasn't been a gradual escalation in his inability to handle his libation, but I would imagine he has to work hard all week to put that much beer on the table. 

Brady seems to have a lot of fun with the song, breaking out of his often Don Henley-lite range and going for a slightly resonant honky-tonk baritone that dips down into nearly Randy Travis range on the lower notes. All around, his vocal performance conveys the perfectly intoxicating (heh heh), fun atmosphere. The instrumentation could stand to be just a little less polished to match the song's feel a little more closely, but at the same time, it's a lot more bracing than the shiny loudness that dominates country radio. 

It's been quite a while since most of the world last heard from Brady; he left Little Texas in the mid-1990s, started a solo career that didn't pan out, and then had the rug pulled out from underneath him in Hot Apple Pie. After all that he's been through, maybe the time is right for Brady to finally break out as a solo act. And while he's at it, maybe he can go find where the heck Tim Rushlow's been hiding.

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