Dierks Bentley Records A Song For A Waylon Jennings Tribute Album

While there are already two Waylon Jennings tribute albums on the market, it seems that there can't be enough of them as a third compilation, with approval of Waylon's widow Jessi Colter, has recently found artists like Dierks Bentley in the studio recording for it.

In a news story first reported by AOL's The Boot, Roughstock has learned that there will be a third Waylon Jennings tribute album in the works.  After Dualtone and Sony Music released tribute albums earlier this decade, around the time of Waylon's passing, the latest tribute album features some all-star talent.  Dierks Bentley has recorded "Lonesome Onr'y And Mean" and Jessi Colter has mentioned Patty Griffin's contribution.  Bob Seger, Trace Adkins, Kris Kristofferson and ZZ Top are already part of the tribute as is Jessi and Walyon's son Shooter. The producers should try and get both Randy Houser and Jamey Johnson on those records as both play many Waylon songs each night in their respective shows.  Jamey even recorded two tracks for his That Lonesome Song album.