The Best Singles of 2009: Steel Magnolia - "Keep On Loving You" (#37)

This year's 37th favorite single of the year comes from one of country music's newest acts.  Found via CMT's Can You Duet, some people would've expected a 'not so great' single.  Fortunately this isn't that song.

When the idea for Can You Duet first came out (with the announcement of the first season) I was initially skeptical as I thought it was just another case where a show would exploit a few singer/songwriters without really doing anything with them (which happened so often with Nashville Star).  But when the show came on and it turned out such quality artists like Joey + Rory and Kate & Kasey, I was ecstatic.  The winners of the show, Caitlin & Will, even got more than a cursory single and earned a whole album deal.  The second season of the show promised a little different approach as two of the judges were changed.  In was young music executive Scott Borchetta and platinum artist Big Kenny.  They helped give the show an even greater sense of love and approval than the first season did, despite the fact that both Aimee Mayo and Brett Manning were great at being ‘judges,’ they weren’t as good as Naomi.  Also different was the fact that the man who would sign the winner to a contract, Borchetta was a judge so if the artists gained his approval it likely meant greater thigns for them down the road. 

This season had three stellar artists in The Stellas husband and wife duo, boyfriend and girlfriend duo Steel Magnolia and a group the judges put together, JB Rocket.  Steel Magnolia won the show and immediately went out on a radio tour once the show was over. They were out promoting their debut single “Keep On Loving You” and the duo has since gotten their single in the Top 30 of country radio and it’s all on the charm that the duo, much like Joey + Rory, radiate from the speakers (and in person if you get a chance to meet them).  It’s a fun little song that doesn’t keep itself too serious and it’s something that is something we’ve hopefully all experienced a time or two as the song is nothing but a great proclamation of how much a couple love each other. 

This song portends to great things from Steel Magnolia and lets hope the duos upcoming debut album is as good as this single is. 

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