The Best Singles of 2009: Darius Rucker - "History In The Making" (#33)

Darius Rucker has cemented his status as a genuine country music artists who is beloved by newer country fans and older country fans alike.  This song is his fourth straight Top 10 hit and our 34th favorite single of the year.

Country music fans are a fickle lot.  There are the traditionalists who don’t like much of anything that is considered contemporary country music and then there are the contemporary fans who don’t like much of what is considered traditional country music.  It’s a battle that’s raged almost as long as the battle of the sexes yet one thing both sides of the country debate can agree on is that Darius Rucker is one talented dude.  While those traditionalists would love more songs (and singles) like the album track “All I Want,” the contemporary fans are happy to have had this ‘crossover’ artists become part of their radio listening day as Darius’ first three singles all went on to top the singles charts.   The fourth single from Learn To Live is the romantic “History In The Making.” 

Written by Darius and Clay Mills and Frank Rogers, “History In The Making” is the kind of ballad that would feel pedestrian in the hands of most artists but when in the hands of an emotive, capable vocalist like Darius Rucker the song about a burgeoning relationship is a flat-out gem.  It was always one of the best songs on Learn To Live and it seems as if Darius Rucker, who recently won the Country Music Association’s Best New Artist award, was born to sing these kinds of songs.  The lyrics are sweet without ever becoming too saccharine, the melody fits the lyrics and then there’s that voice. 

There’s no doubting the power of Darius Rucker as a country music stylist and while those fickle traditionalists and contemporary fans may not always agree, at least they can come to terms when somebody like Darius Rucker and his song “History in the Making” comes along.

You can read the lyrics and chords for this song by clicking here.