The Best Singles of 2009: Caitlin & Will - "Address In The Stars" (#32)

Caitlin & Will came out of nowhere to become the underdog winners of the first season of CMT's Can You Duet. While this single would eventually become their only single for Columbia Records before they split-up and left the label, it still is one of 2009's

The duo won the first season of Can You Duet and while they took most of 2008 to create their music, Caitlin & Will seemed to be on their way.  They were originally only supposed to get a single released as part of their contract with Sony Nashville and through hard work the duo of Caitlin Lynn and Will Snyder earned the opportunity to record a full-length album for the label.  The duo released an EP in the summer of 2009 but this single, “Address In The Stars,” never made it higher than 42 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.  The fact that a song as beautiful and strong as “Address” didn’t run up higher on the charts is hard to understand but really not all that surprising as it seems that it was released too early to gain acceptance from fans.  Had the duo come out with something like “Address” this fall, they likely would’ve seen the song rise up the charts a little bit easier. 

Still, no matter the reason why this song didn’t work with radio, it still stands out as one of our favorite singles of the year.  Written by Caitlin Lynn, Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey and Hillary Lindsey, the song chronicles the feelings people feel when a loved one goes away.  They may be gone but our love for them will never die, ergo we write letters to people with an address in the stars.  It’s sweet, melancholic and most of all; it’s expertly sung and produced.  What’s even worse about the lack of success for this single is that shortly after the single had made its way off the charts, Caitlin & Will were no longer part of the Sony label or a duo anymore.  So, even though this duo wasn’t around all that long, they managed to get this song in our and many other people’s hearts so much so that it became our 32nd favorite single of 2009.  

We wish Caitlin & Will nothing but the best as they embark on their own solo endeavors.