The Best Singles of 2009: Jason Aldean - "Big Green Tractor" (#27)

Sometimes a song sneaks up on you and enters itself into your subconscious and before you know it, you are singing along to a song you might not have normally liked at first.  This is exactly what has happened with "Big Green Tractor," one of our '09 favorites.

Some would say that it’s a cosmic joke that Jason Aldean has become a country star yet if you truly take a look at how he became a star; all you need to know is that he has an uncanny ability to pick songs that hit people strongly.  Take “Big Green Tractor,” for instance.  On the surface this song is nothing but another ‘country love’ song but when you take a further look at the song, It’s by far the more charming than that.  Sure, it’s a love song but it uses the “Big Green Tractor” as a prop, not as the focus of the blooming romance. 

Aldean’s vocal cadence in the song and the mid-tempo groove help sell the song as something that only gets better with each successive listen.  On top of the ‘fine wine factor,’ the song showed that Aldean was more than just a guy who could do rock ‘rave-ups’ like “Johnny Cash” “Hicktown” and “She’s Country.”  While all those songs are fun, for an artist to be successful in country music, they need to show off more than one side and with “Big Green Tractor,” Aldean did just that.   The charm, a strong vocal and a song that continues to age well is all added up to make “Big Green Tractor” one of 2009’s best singles.  Something I didn't expect when I first heard this single as I was underwhelmed and didn't think that the song would help sell more albums, a point I was clearly wrong about as the album is now a platinum-selling release.

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