The Best Singles of 2009: Bomshel - "Fight Like A Girl" (#25)

After struggling to find the right song to break through with at country radio, Curb Records duo Bomshel finally found that song in "Fight Like A Girl." The single showed off the stellar talent the duo has while also sharing a powerful message for women everywhere.

Inspired by their own personal struggles while growing up and by their friends valiant battle with cancer, Bomshel (Kristy O. and Kelley Shepard) finally broke through at radio in 2009 with their empowering anthem “Fight Like A Girl.”  In the hands of a different artist, the message may have been lost but given the duo’s personal connections to the lyrics, it became a powerful piece of empowerment that could and should become the theme to any woman’s personal struggles, be it with a disease or illness or just getting through a tough situation. 

That is reason enough for us to like the song but then you ad Kelley’s superlative vocal and a kick-ass melody that supports, rather than get in the way of, the lyrics and what we have is one of 2009’s most memorable hits.  It might not have touched the Top 5 or even the Top 10 at country radio but “Fight Like A Girl” is a song that is sure to be remembered long after those other ‘bigger hits’ have been lost from our memories.  It’s that good.

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