Show Dog Records Merges with Universal Records South

Toby Keith's mildly successful Show Dog Records has merged with Universal Records South to create a stronger, cohesive Show Dog-Universal label.  Toby Keith will remain a principal of the label while Mark Wright retains President status.

Rumors were rampant last week that Universal Records South was either going the way of the dodo bird or was going to be bought-out or merged with Show Dog Nashville and the latter is exactly what happend today with the announcement from Toby Keith and Universal South President Mark Wright.  The newly minted Show Dog Universal is being seen as a 1 plus 1 equal 3 where Show Dog and Universal South marry their teams together to give the labels a chance to break new and established artists at a stronger pace.

“Show Dog-Universal will still have the feeling of being an independent label with strong and personal relationships with all our artists.  That is what Show Dog Nashville and Universal South have always been about, but combine the two labels and you have a powerhouse with more staff and better opportunities for our artists. I look forward to working closely with my friend and partner Mark Wright,” said Toby.

“The launch of this new company creates even more value for our combined artists, employees and business partners,” stated Mr. Wright. “Together, our best-in-class team will create even more opportunities for our artists, while expanding the services we offer. This is truly one-plus-one equaling three.  Moreover, I am delighted to be partnering with Toby, with whom I have shared a close friendship for many years.  His remarkable achievements as an artist and businessman define creative leadership at its very best. He will be invaluable to taking this company to even greater heights.”

No word yet on how the labels will work together but hopefully this will help get acts like Eli Young Band, Carter's Chord, Trailer Choir, Jonathan Singleton on the radio at a stronger frequency along with continued success for Toby and Randy Houser.  Also, lets hope that it helps Joe Nichols' career grow to the bigger level it deserves. I also suspect Toby will be taking acts like EYB, Nichols and Houser out on tour with him.