Billy Currington - "That's How Country Boys Roll"

With two #1 hits under his belt from his third album Little Bit of Life Billy Currington certainly is understandibly riding high.  Will this new single continue the hit streak or does it signal a 'safe' approach to garnering airplay in hopes of a solid, middle of the road career?

Looking at the title of Billy Currington's new song, I have to ask: Do we really need another "country boy" song? Didn't the genre beat that trope well into the ground way before Randy Houser put his boots on? 

Actually, "That's How Country Boys Roll" is far from a bad song. It has a slightly rocking melody that recalls yet another "country"-titled song, Toby Keith's "Country Comes to Town." The lyrics aren't terribly original, but at the same time, there's nothing that's cringe-worthy save for the obligatory Jesus and George Jones namedrops at the end. The production is somewhere between modern-day, amped-up Top 40 country and something straight out of 1996. In a good way. Billy also gives a typically rock-solid vocal performance; with his lazy Georgia drawl, he seems like a logical choice to be singing about country lifestyles, even if in this somewhat formulaic fashion. After all, he's not resorting to dumb pickup lines like "climb in my bed," nor is he trying to pass off "ashpalt" and "red dirt" as a rhyme. 

After scoring the biggest hit of his career with the quirky, laid-back "People Are Crazy,"  it's a little disappointing to see Billy playing it so frustratingly safe — especially considering that most of his other singles (besides one cheesy Shania duet) have been surprisingly distinctive for a mainstream act. But given that every other #1 of his career has been followed up with a dud, maybe he just needs to get that one generic song out of his system before ascending to a higher level.