Jonathan Singleton & The Grove - "Look Who's Back In Love"

Jonathan Singleton and The Grove are new to most country music fans but the frontman's songs aren't. With four hits written for other artists the past year, Singleton certainly is in a groove. Does this single match up well with those hits?

While not yet known to many country music fans as an artist, Jonathan Singleton is a known-commodity to them as a songwriter.  He co-wrote the chart-topping hits “Don’t” (Billy Currington), “Watching Airplanes” (Gary Allan), “Red Light” (David Nail) and Josh Turner’s current hit “Why Don’t We Just Dance.”  Now signed to Universal South Records and working with producer Dann Huff, Jonathan Singleton & The Grove have already released one single to radio.  While “Living In Paradise” wasn’t the smash hit that it could’ve been, it did help introduce this new band to the tastemakers at radio who may turn this song, “Look Who’s Back In Love,” into a hit. 

Written with Canadian singer/songwriter Deric Ruttan (he co-wrote Dierks Bentley’s debut single “What Was I Thinkin’”), “Look Who’s Back In Love” finds Singleton singing a lyric about a guy who falls fast andt despite the fact that he frequently finds himself ‘the heartbreak kid,’ he doesn’t know any other way but to be that man.  So while the pressures of the world (“car’s broke down, got bills piled up high inside”) may be at his door, the protagonist in the song can’t help but do something that may, in the end, add to the pressures in his life.  After all, if you don’t put yourself out there, you won’t be able to fall in love.

The song features the sitar in the opening moments of the song (thus getting attention a la Blake Shelton’s “I’ll Just Hold On.”  Unlike that song, “Look Who’s Back In Love” uses the sitar in a way that almost feels like a fiddle and it only helps add to a deliciously sounding track. With that earworm-like melody, “Look Who’s Back In Love” certainly feels like it can be the hit to break Jonathan Singleton and the Grove out to a wider audience.