Fast Ryde - "Make It Rain"

Who knew that radio wasn't really ready for another amped-up song about a ladies posterior area?  Rather than figure out why "That Thang" wasn't a hit, Fast Ryde returns with their second single, "Make It Rain," a single with rich harmonies.  Will it fare any better?

Wow, is this really the same duo that gave us "That Thang" earlier this year? You know, that guilty-pleasure ditty that I liked and seemingly no one else did? Yes, the one with "da dang dang dang" in its lyrics. Sorry for bringing back the memories.

Anyway, "Make It Rain" is a laid-back mid-tempo with a similar theme to Jason Aldean's "Amarillo Sky." Just like in that song, the central character is a farmer praying for rain, following all the other bad things that have been going on in his life. Despite its similar theme, the song takes a markedly different direction — not just by setting the lyrics in first person instead of third, but also by relying on a smooth, catchy melody and sparkling harmonies (with just a hint of grain) that bring to mind Thrasher Shiver, Hometown News or any number of higher-voiced duos that never made it big. The lyrics aren't mind-blowing, but they say what they need to say without beating the listener over the head or resorting to some stale throwaway line.

After "That Thang"'s epic fail of a chart run, maybe "Make It Rain" is just what Fast Ryde needs to get their foot in the door. It's the kind of song that proves that there's more to Fast Ryde than the xtremely kool spelling of their name and their amped-up little ode to the female posterior. After about eight zillion other duos before them who only managed two to four singles and then disappeared, Fast Ryde may just be the one that sticks around for the long run.