Colt Ford - Country is as Country Does

Colt Ford has come from seemingly out of nowhere to become one of the most successful independent country music artists in the country.  This is a CD/DVD Exclusively available at Wal-Mart stores. 

Colt Ford is anything but the traditional country music artists yet when you listen to his albums it’s hard to deny the love he has for country music.  It’s in the lyrics; it’s in the melodies and most of all it’s in Colt Ford.  He is country music.  With radio embracing lots of artists who borrow elements from other genres, Colt Ford offers up a new flavor, that of the ‘rap’ or ‘talking’  or spoken word instead of singing.  Before going and turning your head, take a look at past country music hits, be it from recent fare like Trailer Choir’s “Off The Hillbilly Hook” or Toby Keith’s big hit “I Wanna Talk About Me” to hit songs from people like Bill Anderson, country music has a long history of supporting ‘talking songs’ and it’s the exact kind of thing Colt Ford does.  His new CD/DVD set (sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores) showcases just how Colt Ford came up with his “country flow” music.  It’s a unique way of expressing the things he enjoys in his life and things that are about his life and the way he lives it and like all country music, it also appeals to the majority of country music’s audiences, even if some of them afraid to admit it. 

On Country is as Country Does, Colt Ford showcases his lifestyle-centric songs with theme songs for the PBR (“Buck ‘Em”), a Huntin’ The World (Country Style) theme song called “Huntin’ The World,” and a song called “Left Y’All In The Dust” for NASCAR.  All three songs, previously released digitally to iTunes and other digital places, are featured on the CD portion along with two new tracks “Big White Redneck” and “Day In The Life,” A song written by Jamey Johnson that features Andy Griggs.  The CD also features a live track of “Dirt Road Anthem” with Colt’s friend Brantley Gilbert and his band.  The live song, perhaps more so than the other tracks on this record showcases that Colt Ford is more than just some crazy studio creation.  

The DVD featured in this package is also interesting because it introduces people to Colt Ford and, in his own words, we learn why he is a country guy who is rapping.  The DVD also features stories behind a few of the ‘keystone tracks’ on Colt’s Ride Through The Country album and the music videos for “Buck ‘Em” and “No Trash In My Trailer.”  The fact that Cold Ford has a career is a testament to his hard work and the grassroots approach he has taken with his music and Country is as Country Does is a good example of why his career is only in the beginning stages.

You can purchase this album exclusively at Walmart and Colt Ford's website.