Tim McGraw – Southern Voice

It was a long three year wait for this record to get released. Will it please fans who waited ever so patiently for it and ejoyed the two retro-sounding lead singles or will it leaving them wishing Tim had just not released another record?

A majority of the songs have a rootsy feel to them where each of the instruments backs up McGraw as he sings songs like “If I Died Today,” a strong song about what would happen in the aftermath of his death.  This is something that everybody thinks of from time to time, basically because we want to be more than just “dust in the wind” and we hope and pray that we’re not forgotten.   One of the strongest songs on Southern Voice is “Mr. Whoever You Are,” a story song about the way people fall into one night stands and how we like that closeness, especially when we feel the weakest.  Written by Sean McConnell, this song follows the other strong songs he wrote for Randy Rogers Band, David Nail and Wade Bowen which suggests that Mr. McConnell is a songwriter worth paying attention to. 

The title track may be a bit of a clichéd mess lyrically but it does provide a slight bit of tempo to the album and in that regard it works well while also being a more favorable single, if a bit more retro sounding, than “It’s A Business…” The record ends with a pair of songs that suit Tim McGraw quite well and they are “Forever Seventeen” and “Love You Goodbye.”  The former track is a song that finds McGraw singing to a woman that though she may be older and have gained wisdom lines, she doesn’t need to feel like she’s older than ‘forever seventeen,’ reminding her age doesn’t have to mean ‘death’ or anything like that while the latter song is a poignant ballad written by Tom Douglas and Jamie O’Hara.   It’s the kind of haunting song that talks about the tragic effect Divorce can have on a child and how even in bitterness of an old would can be healed by a simple apology.   

While many fans were probably hoping for a return to the ’90′s sound that defind his sound and made him a star, Tim McGraw instead has given fans a solid, thoughtful album with songs that leave a lasting impression on the brain much longer than a rockin’ record would have.  Too bad this record took three years to reach the market.  Lets hope the next studio record isn’t as long of a wait.

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