Becky Schlegel - "So Embarrassing"

After releasing one of 2008's finest albums in For All The World To See Becky Schlegel returns to the airwaves with her latest single from her own Lilly Ray Records label. Does this single, the first for the upcoming Dandelion portent another fine album?

Since I first heard Becky Schlegel’s For All The World To See (read review here) last year, I have been enamored with her voice.  So much so that I’ve enjoyed picking up her other releases, which include a pair of classics albums called Country Ballads and Heartaches.  These  compilations show off Schlegel’s impressive soprano voice that suits country music and classic sounding songs.  For the primer to her upcoming album Dandelion, Becky has released a soft, traditional-leaning song that wouldn’t feel outta place on either record.  Featuring a spectacular backing band which includes producer Brian Fesler and Dobro ace Randy Kohrs, “So Embarrassing” is a rumination of how love, even an old love, can keep cropping back up in the worst of times.

The lyrics are crisp, the vocals are sterling and the production is stunning.  In fact, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about in this song.  Becky Schlegel may never become a superstar, household name but she certainly should continue to have a strong career where she plays shows to enthusiastic fans and ‘critics’ alike.  I cannot wait to hear the whole Dandelion record.  I’m sure it’ll be one of 2010’s finest.