Carrie Underwood - "Cowboy Casanova"

Fans have been wondering what Carrie Underwood would do next and with "Cowboy Casanova" she has answered the question.  Undeniably catchy, is this the song Carrie Underwood fans have been waiting for or will they ultimately be saddened by the release of it?

Carrie Underwood was a bonafide star fresh out of her victory on American Idol in 2005 and though people continue to say her star is bright because of the show, it’s not entirely true.  She has grown into her powerful vocal and where she was once a little wooden in her performances on stage, the Grand Ole Opry member has also become quite a good live performer constantly connecting with the audience.  After nine straight hits on the country charts (all of which have been #1 on various charts) Underwood certainly has had fans waiting for the first single from her third record.   The time has arrived with the release today of “Cowboy Casanova” (Listen here).

The first thing to say about “Casanova” is that it is a mega hit.  There’s just no denying this.  Although the song borrows familiar melodic themes, the production is sparkling; Carrie sings the verses with rapid-fire precision and the hook is just infectious.  Even if you don’t like pop-country songs -and make no mistake this is light years away from traditional country music- you will have parts of this song stuck in your head.  It’s just inevitable. The lyrics discuss a man who ‘only comes out at night’ and seeks to find a girl and ‘tell you anything you wanna hear’ as a way to take her home at night.  The song serves as a cautionary tale for Carrie’s girlfriends as they go out looking to find a nice guy only to be roped in by the ‘Cowboy Casanova.’   

While “Cowboy Casanova,” written by Carrie, Brett James and Mike Elizondo, may have taken a while to run up the charts in the hands of a different, non-established singer; in Carrie’s hands the song will be a smash hit on both the country and pop charts in short order.  If you’re wondering how a Kelly Clarkson song would sound in a country environment (and she will make a country record one of these days), this is a good indication of what it might sound like.  As a pop-leaning guy (who still loves traditional-leaning stuff too), this may very well my favorite Carrie Underwood single yet.