Gloriana - "How Far Do You Wanna Go"

After scoring a high chart debut with their self-titled album and a Top 15 hit with debut single "Wild At Heart," Gloriana is back with their sophomore single "How Far Do You Wanna Go."  Will this single find a happy home on country radio and give the group a bigger hit?

The boys and girls of Gloriana are back with their second single.  While still ‘just’ an indie band they managed to get “Wild At Heart” up the airwaves and it cracked the Top 15, not a #1 but a great start just the same.  It was enough to get Gloriana (click to read) out to the masses and it also scored the quartet a spot on Taylor Swift’s Fearless Tour 2009. So, how does a band follow-up that song? How ‘bout releasing a shiny, vocal delight in “How Far Do You Wanna Go?”

Melodically the song starts out feeling slightly like Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.”  Perhaps Gloriana was feeling that they were going to inevitably be compared to this group just like they are compared to Little Big Town (read their reaction to that here).   While the melody recalls Fleetwood Mac, the lyrics are just the kind of lyrics that are likely to make this song at least the same kind of hit as it finds Gloriana asking somebody how far they wanna go for love. 

Written by Jeffrey Steele, Danny Myrick (She’s Country) and producer Matt Serletic, the song certainly sounds good, if not a little bit bigger and louder than it really needed to be.  Given Gloriana’s talent they could’ve really had this song slightly less ‘bombastic’ and it would have sounded just as good as it does here.  Thankfully, no matter how the production gets too loud, Gloriana’s harmonies help give the song a unique sound that is equally at home on country and pop or adult pop radio stations and that is ultimately what will make “How Far Do You Wanna Go” another hit for Gloriana

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