Gene Watson - A Taste of the Truth

Gene Watson is a legendary vocalist with a honeyed tenor and while many of his contemporaries are happy to live in retirement, Gene Watson keeps making strong albums.  How does this one stack up against his previous albums?

The title track and “‘Till A Better Memory Comes Along” are perfect examples of this and while these songs may be considered ‘boring’ by some of contemporary country music’s younger fans used to the breakneck pace of Carrie Underwood’s latest hit, it really is those fan’s loss that they cannot appreciate songs like “’Till A Better Memory Comes Along” because it is simple and direct and tugs at the emotional heart strings without any glossy production to keep attention as the words and vocal are the star here. 

“It’s My Lie” is a humorous mid-tempo song that finds a man perfectly happy to live blissfully like he’s still in a relationship, even if it’s long gone by while “Staying Together” (listen here) is the kind of song that used to be on the airwaves all the time.  It speaks of a real-life situation where a loveless couple stays together for everyone but the kids.  From the Floyd Cramer piano fills to the Lloyd Green steel guitar moans, this gloriously unromantic song is sung perfectly by Gene and his duet partner, Rhonda Vincent, who has one of country music (or bluegrass)’s best voices and it’s shame radio doesn’t realize this.

The playful “Wrong Way To Find Mister Right” tells a story of a lonely woman who is looking for a lover at a bar. Gene Watson sings about a snake of a man who will whisper the sweet nothin’s to this girl just to get her to go home with him.  It’s a song that, in a just world, would find  an audience at radio but given Gene’s traditional vocals and the story that’s not as ‘family friendly’ as an old Lonestar song, it’s unlikely to be given the chance.  

A Taste of the Truth is one of the rare albums these days in that it isn’t made to try and get an ‘old hat’ back on the radio but rather to give fans of traditional country music and Gene Watson another great album to listen to while giving some songwriters in Nashville a home for their songs long passed over for the next Skynyrd or Bon Jovi sound-a-like.

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