Ash Bowers – “Stuck”

All new artists need the right single to strike out from the pack and make an impact on not only fans but the radio and video stations that help the artist become stars; This is particularly true for “Indie” labels and artists.  Does Ash Bowers have himself such a song here?

Realizing that their ability to promote more than two or three artists at a time was stopping some of their artists from getting the ability to get their music to the masses, Broken Bow Records opened up a second label to house some of those ‘neglected’ artists.  One of those artists was Ash Bowers and after one listen to this debut single, here is an artist worth starting a label for.  With not only the voice and photogenic look required of today’s artists, Ash Bowers can pick and write with the best of ‘em, even if he didn’t write this song.

Written by well-known songwriters, “Stuck” is the kind of raucous, up-tempo song radio and country music fans have come to expect from some of country music’s bigger stars, particularly Montgomery Gentry and Jason Aldean.  The thing about this song’s writers is that they’re not the writers of either of those two artists’ big hits.  This is not a song penned by Jeffrey Steele or John Rich. “Stuck” is written by Frank Myers and Billy Montana, writers with multiple #1 hits to their credits (and former artists in their own right).  What does this mean for Ash Bowers? “Stuck,” while familiar, comes from writers who haven’t necessarily been down the southern country rock road before (they’re known for their ballads like “I Swear” and “Bring On the Rain”) and it brings a fresh prospective to the airwaves. 

Ash Bowers is singing lyrics, over a banjo-led country/rock production from Buddy Cannon, about a blue-collar, assembly-line workin’ man who feels stuck in a rut in not only his job but his life as well and uses the well-known metaphor to showcase a man who is ready to leave the past behind and that rut and “Get these boots out of the mud” and into a new situation that is more favorable.  As somebody who got out of a sleepy no stop-light town, I can understand the message that Myers and Montana were going for here and Bowers passionately sings a lyric he likely has felt before too.  He sounds invested in the message of the song and that’s what makes “Stuck” so believable. 

Radio and the average fan will definitely enjoy getting “Stuck” listening to Ash Bowers sing this song as it speaks about the listeners and their daily lives.  Even if somebody doesn’t leave that hometown they feel ‘stuck’ in, they certainly can use this song as a weekend party anthem about getting out of town and to a lake or ocean or river somewhere for a party.