Steel Magnolia - "Keep On Loving You"

Like the show's bigger sister "American Idol," CMT's "Can You Duet" culminates with the winner's single being released to purchase and radio.  Unlike "Idol," Can You Duet's songs are usually something fans want to listen to.  Is Steel Magnolia's song worth listening to?

Last year Caitlin & Will won CMT’s “Can You Duet” and released “Even Now” digitally after their win but their label (Sony Nashville) never released the single to radio. In the end it was a good thing for the duo (as they stated here) as they had time to gel and become the best friends they become.  With Steel Magnolia winning season two people had to wonder if the record label was going to follow suit and delay the release of the single until the duo was truly ready.  Well, not only is Big Machine Records releasing a single to iTunes but they’re sending this song to country radio. 

Like “Even Now,”  “Keep On Lovin’ You” finds a duo ready to make an impact on the country music audience with a dynamic male-female vocal trade off.  Both Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones have voices with an “edge” to them and Meghan, in particular, has a voice that recalls one of her idols, Bekka Bramlett.  Joshua Scott’s voice recalls rock vocalists of the past but when you blend their two voices together there’s just something about this couple, and they are a couple, that makes them work. 

Both vocalists take lead turns with the verses and share in the chorus and while an often-used dynamic, the song is all the better for it.  Here the song finds a couple who are very devoted to each other and takes a ‘proposal’ to an new and interesting level.  The production of the song has hints of steel guitar deep in the mix along with a percussive banjo and twangy guitar solos and a loopy intro guitar to hook the listener. 

This song may or may not be a huge hit for Steel Magnolia because radio, as they always do, holds all the keys to this duo becoming the stars they want to become and they have yet to get Caitlin & Will to that level.  Is this the song that gets Radio hooked?  I don’t know but it sure got fans and Judges at the taping of Can You Duet’s finale.

You can listen (click here) to or watch (click here) the duo perform this single.

You can support Steel Magnolia and purchase this single digitally at iTunes icon| Amazon.