Justin Moore – Justin Moore

With “Small Town USA” now Top 10, Justin Moore delivers his self-titled debut album to the masses. What does the album feature, in addition to the hit singles? Twangy country-rock or George Strait-leaning stuff?  Let’s find out.

There are attitude songs like “I Could Kick Your Ass,”  a silly song about a woman’s backside and a whole lotta country songs.  John Rich may have released 2009’s ‘essential’ political song but “Good Ole American Way” sure feels like a song that could do what “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” couldn’t; get into the Top 10 at radio (even if it’s completely aimed at “red states”).  “Grandpa” is basically the only time on the record that is even remotely close to a ballad and it is a touching song about the patriarch of Moore’s family. 

The album closer “Hank It” feels like a modern twist on “A Country Boy Can Survive” and it’s a tribute to Hank Williams, Jr while basically recaps the country theme that is present on this record.  The whole “Justin Moore” album feels like it could be played on the radio (“Hank It” is a t-shirt-ready anthem) and while some would instantly say that this record is then not worth listening to, Justin Moore isn’t making a record to not be on the radio, that is his goal, and he wants to bring a heavy dose of southern, country charm and twang back to it.

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