Mark Wayne Glasmire - "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright"

Out of left-field comes what could possibly be one of the best songs you've never heard.  Simple, eloquent and beautiful. These adjectives describe this song that, in a just world, would be a big hit.  Will radio give this great song a home or is it 'just' an

Sometimes the simplest songs deliver the best messages.  With an ear-pleasing melody backing a stellar vocal performance, Mark Wayne Glasmire delivers a truly memorable song about how family bands together in the wake of a bleak future.  Even when things get bad and the family had to ‘live on streets,’ and ‘house to house’ with friends, the patriarch in the story never loses his glass-half-full approach to life and what really matters in life.  Family, friends, faith and love are really all that people need in life, nothing more, nothing less and that’s what’s at the heart of “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright.”

Some cynics might say that mark Wayne Glasmire is singing a song that’s all sunshine and roses but the truth couldn’t be further from that.  He’s written a song that gives hope when there often isn’t hope.  It re-assures people that even when they’ve hit rock-bottom, the human condition is great and able to move on until the ‘struggles and sacrifices’ are over.  This is, quite frankly, one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.  It’s a beautiful, eloquent and just plain awesome song that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. 

There was a time that this song would’ve somehow found its way onto the Billboard chart and, because it is a great song, it would’ve been a hit.  However in today’s consolidated market, the chances for a radio hit aren’t as strong and that’s why I think people really need to go and purchase this single from the digital retailers and also proclaim how awesome it is to as many people as possible.  I know that’s what I will be doing.

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