David Nail - I'm About To Come Alive

This album has been a long-time comin' for David Nail.  It's why the album title suits him.  With this record, there is a lot to think that we are witnessing the birth of one of country's brightest new stars.

Despite wanting to ‘give up,’ Nail ended up back with UMG Nashville and MCA Nashville a few years later, more seasoned and ‘ready’ to give his music a true shot.  The title track, written by and originally recorded by Train, was the first single and despite giving Nail even more exposure, it seemed as if his career would stall before it started one more time.  UMG didn’t cut and run instead they stuck with David and released the single “Red Light” earlier this year.  Both David and his label were rewarded when the single became increasingly popular. Now inside The Top 30 at radio, it was enough for UMG Nashville to green light the release of “I’m About To Come Alive.”

The lead-off track is “Mississippi” is a slow-burning soulful ballad that uses the Mississippi and a yearning to be back where we grew-up, where things were safer and ‘better’ for us. Mississippi is David Nail’s “serenity now” moment and it always makes him feel better, even when he may just be thinkin’ about it instead of actually being there.  “Red Light” uses an interesting lyric to describe a man’s utter befuddlement at being blindsided into a relationship being over.  “Again” is an interesting song that feels like it’s ripped right from David Nail’s own life, particularly the 2nd verse about selling cars in St. Louis, something I’m pretty sure he did between his record deals.

“Clouds” is another song that is co-written by David and Scooter Carusoe.  The song feels like an old AM Radio staple with a memorable chorus and sweet melody while “Summer Job Days” is gonna amp up comparisons to Rascal Flatts, which is kind of inevitable given the fact that A, Gary LeVox co-wrote it and B, David Nail is able to reach for the rafters with his voice just like Gary.  “Strangers On A Train” is a rootsy, mid-tempo rocker that finds David Nail singing an interesting lyric about meeting somebody on a train and wondering ‘what if’ about the situation.  The song also finds Miranda Lambert providing harmony vocals on the track, which grounds the song into some more reality. 

With “This Time Around,” David Nail is once again singing from the heart as he discusses his life and his career and how he’s matured in the time between the two record deals.  It’s a song that should speak to anybody who’s willing to try very hard for what they want out of their life, even if they have already tried and failed the first time.  “Looking For A Good Time” and “Turning Home” are songs that are interesting in the sense that both are 5 minutes or longer and feature multiple verses and in the case of “Turning Home,” the song allows David to really showcase off his vocal (think more Vince Gill than Gary LeVox) while singing a song that is nostalgic about the small town, hometown, high school days but doesn’t ever feel stale or contrived.  Oh the song was co-written by Kenny Chesney too.

David Nail may have been lucky enough to get a second shot at being a ‘music star’ and despite maybe burnin’ a few bridges in the past, he didn’t do that with UMG Nashville.  This allowed him to return ‘home’ and “This Time Around” it looks like David Nail has “Come Alive” and this record is but the first in quite a few more to come.

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