Joey + Rory - "To Say Goodbye"

About this time last year Joey + Rory burst onto the national scene with their touching and romantic story and obvious love for each other.  With "Cheater, Cheater" the duo managed to score a Top 30 hit.  Will this song, a ballad released in the summer, find similar success?

Joey + Rory's third single finds the husband-and-wife duo of Rory Lee Feek and Joey Martin Feek slowing down the tempo even further. After the blistering "Cheater, Cheater" (watch) and loping "Play the Song" (listen), it's a very pleasant change of pace indeed.

Both verses describe relationships which are quickly severed by death, not allowing the living partner a chance to say goodbye to the deceased: "He wants to tell her that he loves her so, and will until the day he dies, it ain't that he can't let her go, he just wants to say goodbye". Joey's voice sounds pretty close to Patty Loveless at times, giving this song the truly emotional punch that it needs. Indeed, the song brings to mind Loveless' excellent "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye" at times.

The production and melody are a bit more mainstream leaning than the duo's first two singles (plenty of piano), but it still sounds as fresh and laid-back as the rest of the duo's releases. Not unlike with Sugarland's "Joey" (hmm, I see a pattern here), Joey + Rory find themselves faced with the challenge of releasing a slow, sad song in the summertime. But it's certainly a challenge worth facing, especially with music this strong. 

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